Employee Development

We live in the age of information. In fact, we’re inundated by information. The real value then, is in the quality and delivery of that information. This is where the MWA team shines – with a team made up of industry experts, and award winning educators and trainers we bring knowledge to life.

Part of the holistic approach to employee mental health services we provide, is a staff development program. This module helps keep employees of all levels engaged with your vision and can add meaning to their day to day tasks. Both professional and personal development programs can be specifically tailored to meet your business needs.

What’s more, we know that no two companies are alike and consequently, neither are our training courses. We reject the cookie-cutter approach that has taken over the employee training and development industry. Instead, we listen carefully to our clients to develop and deliver tailored programs where small groups get active, and get involved with dynamic, engaging and sometimes confronting sessions.


Here are some of our most popular courses.

Engagement & Performance

Australian workers have some of the lowest engagement rates in the world. As an Aussie company with more than a decade of experience under our belt we know what takes to ignite your workforce.

Leadership Development

How you nurture your rising stars will determine the future success of your organisation. Avoid the guesswork and let us guide you.

Resilience Building

Anybody can be a hero when the going is good, but the real measure of an individual or an organisation is how you perform when the chips are down. The good news is there’s a science to developing resilience, and we can show you how.

Executive Training

Being the captain of your ship often means you’re in unchartered territory and every decision you make is felt throughout your organisation. Nevertheless, if your fundamentals are sound you can be confident you’ll be heading in the right direction.

Culture & Values

Does your business walk-the-walk or just talk-the-talk? Without coherency between your beliefs and actions, earning the trust and respect of your people is impossible. With MWA by your side, you can lead with integrity and respect.

Stress Management

Stress happens and despite what you might have heard, it can actually be beneficial. We here at MWA thrive on this, and you can too.

Wellbeing Checks

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and mental health is no different. Get your people on the front foot and quit reacting to problems after the fact.


Humans are complex and getting them to work in teams only compounds that complexity. However, paradoxically, a well functioning team can achieve far more than any single individual ever could. We’ll show you how to create cohesive teams that thrive under pressure.

Emotional Agility

We are emotional creatures, and we ignore that fact at our peril. Yet, simply building emotional awareness isn’t enough, we need to know how to put that awareness into action by snapping out of our habitual reactiveness and learning to skillfully work with our emotions.