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6 reasons not to have MindWorks Australia as your EAP provider.

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1. It’s another cost our company can’t afford.

A proactive Employee Assistance Program is an investment, and it’s one that provides excellent returns in the short, medium and long-term. The real costs to your business are the invisible ones that are gnawing away at your company’s productivity and profitability; WorkCover premiums, low morale, staff turnover, disengagement, absenteeism and presenteeism. These are holes in the bucket, and MindWorks Australia can help you find them and plug them.

2. It sounds complicated and we’re busy.

We take all the headache out of rolling out the EAP and let you get on with running your business. To begin with, we deliver a short presentation to your staff to break down the taboo around mental health, then explain how and why it’s a great idea to utilise the service. We then take care of the rest. Throughout the year we will regularly visit your staff and management to walk-and-talk, building rapport and finding out how everyone is really feeling. Through this employees gain confidence in the fact that behind the MindWorks Australia name is a team of passionate and caring professionals whom they can turn to in times of need. Each quarter, we will provide you with a rundown of utilisation statistics as well as offer company leaders meaningful guidance based on our observations.

3. We don’t need an EAP because we’re not noticing any problems.

Given the prevalence of mental health issues in society, it’s practically impossible that your business is not already being affected. In fact, that ‘silence’ should be a wake-up call for management to take action. With our help, you can develop a culture that is proactive and supportive of mental health. It’s only once things are brought out into the light that you can deal with them. Afterwards, your organisation will be more productive, more resilient, as well as better able to keep and attract the best talent.

4. We’re happy with our current EAP provider.

Sure you are. Then again, have you really analysed the value your current provider is bringing to your business and how it compares to MindWorks Australia’s level of care? To put it in perspective, once signing with us, our clients typically see more EAP utilisation within the first two months than they have in the previous few years. It’s not magic. It’s because we understand that people only open up to others when there is trust and respect. This is why we place such importance on being a regular, physical presence in your workplace. Why settle for ‘good’ when you can have ‘great’?

5. We’re focused on compliance, not ‘nice’ extras.

For most industries, having an EAP is not a legal requirement. However, every Australian company is bound by law to provide a safe and healthy working environment. What is important to note is that the law refers to both the physical and mental environment. So, while there are legal reasons for investing in mental health, approaching the issue with a ‘tick the box’ mentality misses an important point. Instead of seeing mental health as a compliance issue, it should be viewed as an opportunity because a psychologically fit workforce drives productivity and profitability by reducing organisational inefficiencies and mitigating employee risk.

6. It won’t really improve our company’s performance.

Calculating the value of something as complex and intangible as human thought and behaviour might seem abstract, but it is possible, and there is now a tremendous amount of research into it. The results of these studies clearly point to the efficacy of implementing proactive mental health and wellness programs into workplaces.  What’s more, with our Work Outcomes Suite analysis, we can give you solid metrics on how many lost hours we are saving you through presenteeism and absenteeism. High-performing companies have embraced this knowledge and now see mental wellness as a key factor in the success of their business. These forward-thinking companies are already ahead of the curve, but the good news is, you can join them.  

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